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Jan 12

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We jot down new year's resolutions with the best of intentions. Our promises for the coming year are bound to include something about volunteering more often or shedding those extra holiday pounds. But what about your nonprofit's technology resolutions? Is your Web site in desperate need of an update? Have your organization's computers fallen into disrepair? Are you itching to finally try your hand at blogging or finally learn how to use RSS?

Here's your chance to write down those resolutions for all to see — and perhaps to hold yourself accountable. Feel free to add your own resolutions to this wiki page, read about out what others have resolved to accomplish in the new year, and check back to let the community know when you've followed through.
  • Get healthy: Stop procrastinating and upgrade the antivirus definitions on all of our organization's computers -- or finally install antivirus software in the first place.
  • Consume no more unsavory meat products: Find out more about spam filters and learn about ways to prevent spam.
  • Make sure your computers live forever...or at least until next year by extending the life of our organization's computers.
  • Be more compassionate: Donate your old computers to organizations in need.
  • Just say no to paperweights! Find a way to more gracefully turn down donations that your organization doesn't need.
  • Learn to share with others and get connected: Finally try out some Web 2.0 Tools.
    • Set up a blog
    • Create a podcast
    • Set up an RSS feed
  • Be more forthcoming: Update your Web site's terms of use and privacy policies.
  • Tap into your creative side: Publish your articles under a Creative Commons license so that other nonprofits can reprint our articles without asking.
  • Improve your image without spending a fortune: It's easy when there are so many places to find free images and visuals online. (We resolve, too, to make sure that any image we do take is ours to use legally.)
  • Update your website to reflect all you are really doing -without incurring big design fees!
  • Sign up your organization for TechSoup Stock and check out their donated and discounted products at
  • Be more transparent online: Don't be afraid to tell people who you are and what you're thinking.

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